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solid lotion - large - naked
solid lotion - large - naked

solid lotion - large - naked

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Solid lotion is pretty much where "Still Not A Hippie" began.

Solid lotion is fabulous! And if you are a frequent flyer, you'll love it even more because it isn't considered to be a liquid, so doesn't take up valuable space in your 3-1-1 bag.

Made with simple and natural ingredients that were chosen for their moisturizing benefits while the beeswax helps to seal it in. There is no fragrance added, but the bars do have the light scent of the ingredients used. I'd say that it's a light and slightly sweet honey/beeswax scent. (it is possible to order bars scented with essential oils if I have the oil(s). There is an upcharge and minimum order quantity. Just send me an email.)

Comes in a handy tin that's great for travel.


  • Central PA beeswax
  • coconut oil 
  • shea butter

Poured at 2fl oz, so it weighs in at 1.6oz when solid.

Order the 4-pack and save!

Run out? Order the refills and save.

How do you use it? 

You can just slowly rub it onto dry skin and your body heat will warm it up so that it can melt into your skin. You could also rub it between your hands to melt some of the lotion into them and then simply use your hands to apply to the rest of your body.

Is it getting cold where you live? Solid lotion bar to the rescue! Rub it into your hands to moisturize your hands in the cold, dry air of the winter! Rub the lotion bar onto your feet, throw on some socks, and go about your day while your feet stay lovely and soft.

Do you live somewhere warm? Are your heels dry from wearing sandals and flip-flops? Rub the lotion bar onto them!

The products are handmade in small batches and because they contain natural ingredients, there may be slight variations in appearance from batch to batch, especially because of the beeswax and the farm it may come from.

Please keep this item away from high heat and direct sunlight. If it gets too warm, it may soften up. Simply put it in a cooler place and it'll harden back up.

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