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This COVID-19 Thing

I hope you're staying safe and healthy! 

It's crazy to think that not even a month ago, I'd never heard of the term "social distancing" and now here we are. Many of us are hunkered down, trying to do our part to help flatten the curve while this new virus runs around the world like a bull on speed in a china shop.

Really, during the last week of February, I was in Pittsburgh enjoying an incredible Guest Chef Dinner at Community Kitchen Pittsburgh. Look at that pork belly on coconut sticky rice. Yum! On the 1st, I was at the Reel Big Fish show at a packed Stage West (forever ago the location of Crowbar) so I could snap pics of friends, Big D and the Kids Table. Even last week, I cautiously made my way to Altoona for an appearance on WTAJ's "Studio 814", to make a lavender roll-on and to talk Donut Dash. I noticed that there were definitely fewer people in the studio (I think I was the only other guest that day?) and I went right back home after getting Arby's (which was drive-thru only by then). 

Just a few weeks ago, our world was so different compared to now.

How are your hands? Are they getting dry AF from allll of the hand-washing you've been doing? I wash my hands, but not nearly every hour like I have been. Let me just say, I'm so glad I have my solid lotion! Aaaand I've never sprayed so much disinfectant spray or used so many wipes before.

Are you working from home? How's that treating you? 

If you're a member of the medical field, THANK YOU for everything that you're doing.

If you're working at one of the stores that's still open so that we can get our groceries and other needs, THANK YOU.

If you work in delivery (food, packages, mail, etc), THANK YOU!

If you're one of the other essential employees also out there risking your own health (and I'm sure sanity) to help keep our strange, new world going while many of us are holed up at home... THANK YOU!

How have you been with your social distancing? For me, I'm an extroverted introvert who's an "indoor cat", so "quarantine" isn't much different from my usual life, except I'm not going to the Dyslexia Center. I just don't wander around as much. Now, I make my trips out in the world as quick as possible and with purpose -- post office or UPS to ship orders, grocery store -- there's no dawdling. And I also am much more mindful about social distance while out in public. I'm also not going out to eat since all of the restaurants in PA are closed for dine in and offering just takeout and/or delivery. Though, I do miss warm hugs.

I also have a "hangin' around the house" outfit -- ratty old hoodie and fleece pants that are so old, I have to tie them up so they stop falling down. Do you have a "hangin' around the house" outfit, too?

If you're an extrovert, how are you hangin' in there?

If you're among the many who aren't working because your work had to close, I feel you. And I'm sorry. I wish I could say that it's all going to get better. Everything feels so uncertain right now. I'm just as stressed about the financial shit, too. I'll be thinking about you and crossing my fingers for you.

For small businesses, it's going to get tough and it's going to be scary. Both Pittsburgh and State College have started their own Virtual Tip Jars as a way to try to help your favorite service industry member. The Pigh Tip can be found here, while State College's can be found here. If you are able to, I hope you'll continue to show your favorite small businesses some love by providing them with some business. There's already been at least one local business closure due to all non-essential businesses having to close.

And man, oh man, I can't help but feet bad for the students -- all of them. 

Really, I could totally go on about what's been stressing me out and what's been pissing me off. I think I'm going to ned a smash session at the Rampage Room after it's safe to open everything back up again.

Soooo... since it's nearly 4am and I may start typing gibberish soon if I'm not careful, I'm just close things out there.


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