**As of 4/30/2024, online ordering is paused for the foreseeable future.**


If you’re one of my newsletter VIP’s, you got the tea first!😆

Ch… ch… ch… CHANGES! Changes are coming in my personal life and putting a pause on SNAH things just makes sense… especially for my sanity.

If you have SNAH Rewards points and gift cards, please USE THEM!

My last market (for now) will be next weekend’s (April 27th) Pop Up Ave! (So weird to say that, but I’ve been with them since they started, so it’s pretty cool that they’ll be my last market.)

If you’re in State College, come see me at Pop up Ave! I’ll have LIMITED INVENTORY on certain items, so stop by early! Or just stop by to say “hi!”

As I prep for next weekend, I’ll be updating inventory on the site as well. I have some “seconds” that’ll be going up soon as well.

Beginning April 30th, 2024 I will be putting an indefinite pause on SNAH which will include online sales, market events, and wholesale. 

So… yeah…. I’ll be posting to socials if you wanna keep up on what I’m getting into.

Putting a pause on things feels so weird…. I’ll probably add more to this post as I have more time to put the words down, but I’ve got Centre Gives stuff to work on and Pop Up Ave to prep for ON TOP of these life changes! Weeeeeeee!!

**4.19.2024 EDITED TO ADD: a friend suggested doing quarterly drops, which I’m open to, depending on where things are at. I’ll also be open to special orders and bulk event order. You’ll need to DM me directly to see where I’m at with things.**

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