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A Way To A Maker's Heart

This is super later, but oh well.

So my man knows the way to my heart -- food being the main one.

But, he also knows that I'm always keeping an eye out for things for the Still Not A Hippie, however random. Usually, I eye them up and ponder the price for a long time. 

Last Christmas, he gave me a speedrack, which I'd totally needed to get a big job done and it's freakin' awesome!

This past Christmas, he did it again. This time, a display from Vertical Ledge! I'd been eyeing up their displays since I'd first spotted them -- they flat pack and assemble and disassemble really easily. The flat pack thing is a huge deal for me because I only have so much room in my little Hyundai Accent. This is is called the "Ninety Degree". It looks so great!

And for our anniversary a month later, he gave me another one! Awesome, right?

I set them up side by side, my setup looks great, and I ca utilize the space behind them!

Vertical Ledge 90-Degree Displays set up at an event

What fabulous gifts! Is this what adulting is like? We get super stoked about perfectly practical things?

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